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Lisa Stephenson, CSCS, TSAC-F, NASM-CES, PN1
Ruck Strong Founder/Coach


Hi!  I'm Lisa! I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator, and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  I've been training people in person and online for over 10 years in a variety of modalities - Strength training, CrossFit, Ruck endurance event training and nutrition.

I developed Ruck Strong because I love the rucking community and feel that there is a lack of strength programming made just for our sport -  a program that helps maximize our performance and reduce our risk of injury using sound periodization and strength training principles that apply specifically to the tasks we ask our bodies to perform.


Ruck Strong is the culmination of my experience in coaching athletes and being a total exercise science nerd.  Additionally, I have gained insight and perspective through my own experiences in training for and completing endurance events including running and rucking marathons, 3 Ironman 140.6 races, over 40 GORUCK events (including 3 HTLs) as well as working towards my own strength goals.

My mission is to make you better at your sport by developing your strength in a way that will help increase your performance, address common weaknesses and reduce injury potential all while respecting your time so that you can efficiently integrate strength training alongside your sport-specific training.  My strength programs are specifically designed to support the athletic demands of your sport.  They meet you where you are at your current skill level and build you up from there using a systematic approach, proven strength training methodologies, and an emphasis on good form and movement mechanics.

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