Gear Review: The Original Ruckstrap

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Last week, I set off on a 3-hour, hilly ruck in Cook Forest State Park in PA to test out The Original Ruckstrap. As stated on their website, they are a "rucking accessory designed to reposition and lift your rucksack (aka backpack) for instant relief on the go". Let me tell you, I was really glad to have these! They are AWESOME!

Ruckstraps are very well constructed and super easy to use! They come with an easy-open clip that also locks solidly in place when closed. You just clip them to your top ruck handle and they are installed in seconds! Once they are on your ruck, it's easy to adjust them on the fly to make them a length that works best for you.

The ergonomically-designed Ruckstrap rubber handles are very comfortable. You can hold onto them as you ruck simply to give your hands and arms a change in position or you can pull down on them a bit to get some relief if the bottom of your ruck is rubbing against your back or to change the way your ruck weight sits on your shoulders.

You can also grab the handles and lift your arms up in the air to really give your traps a good break from the weight, which is just one of the features that really sets The Original Ruckstrap apart from other straps that I've tried in the past. It is extremely nice to be able to lift the weight of your ruck entirely up off your shoulders at times!

Being able to shift the weight of your ruck and relieve pressure on your shoulders and traps isn't just a matter of making rucking more comfortable either. It is thought that pressure from the shoulder straps of a ruck can cause issues with the C5 and C6 nerves and cause rucksack palsy, a condition that can cause numbness and cramping as well as shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain (Knapik, Reynolds and Harman, 2004).

Although perhaps not the intended way to position The Original Ruckstraps to your ruck, I did also try them out attached to the molle on the straps of my ruck itself. I used to have a different kind of ruck straps that attached in this way. I'd put my wrists through the loops to raise my hands up higher at times when I'd get sausage fingers while rucking with my hands at my side.

I wanted to try out The Original Ruckstrap in this way too since that's how I'd previously used my old ruck straps. Because of the easy on-off clip and ability to adjust the Ruckstraps, I was able to make the change in position quickly and enjoy them in this varied position for a little while. While they worked fantastically in this way, I do have to say that using them clipped to the top ruck handle was such a great position, I'm not sure I'd want or need to lower them down like this all that much.