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Ruck Strong Cycle 10 Registration Opens March 4th!  Training Starts April 1st!

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What Do You Get When You Register?

It's a 3-month strength program for people who want to improve their performance in rucking and tactical-style athletics! Ruck Strong can help you eliminate weak links in your training so you can:

Ruck faster, longer, and more efficiently!

Improve your stamina and form during PT!

Carry heavy things longer with less effort!

Become a more durable, less injury-prone athlete!

What Do You Get When You Register?

A 3-month strength program with instructional videos & points of performance for all movements

An app to track your workouts, progress & to communicate with your coach & fellow athletes

Access to your coach for questions, form checks, feedback and insight

A sweet finisher's patch upon completion of the program!

How Does Ruck Strong Work?
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